Outlined below are the general steps taken to repair your car. Of course, the order and requirements may change depending on each circumstance so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Our Repair Process

Drop off your Car

We will co-ordinate with you about a suitable time to drop off your car at 73 Rosedale Avenue, Greenacre. One of our staff will be ready to assist at your scheduled appointment time.

Prepare Estimate

Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected. If needed, the car is disassembled so that all hidden damage can be found. Our professional staff prepare an estimate on the cost of repairs. This estimate to submitted to the insurance company.

Vehicle Assessment

Your vehicle is then assessed by an assessor, who usually comes out to look at your vehicle in our shop. The quote is then authorised and repairs can commence.

Parts Order

We order any parts that are required after authorisation is received.

Repairs on Body

While parts are being delivered, our professional staff commence repairs on the vehicle (structure and/or body work).


Once all repairs are done, your vehicle moves into paint to bring it back to its pre-accident condition. Undercoats are very important to the final finish of your car and we take a lot of time in ensuring everything is prepared properly.

Reassembly & Quality Check

The car is carefully reassembled and everything is checked to make sure your car is safe to go back on the road. Your safety is our concern and we have strict standards in our Shop.

Polish and Detailing

The final step is making sure that your car is given all the love it deserves by giving the paint a beautiful polish and making sure the car is cleaned.


Your car is now ready for pick up.


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